Industrial embroidery

Professional, fully-computerized process for uniqueness of your products

We can embroider even the most complex design elements on various textiles with precision and quality

This process is operative, allowing to incorporate complex patterns, logos, decorative details and the other embroidery elements into mass-sewn products.

Some key aspects about industrial embroidery:
  1. Automatization. The computerized embroidery process and professional equipment from Japan manufacturer enable the automatization and acceleration of the embroidery process.
  2. Flexibility. There are possibilities to embroider a variety of Your designs - from a logo to a complex pattern.
  3. Quantity. Industrial embroidery is mostly used when sewing the larger orders, but it can also be applied on ready-to-wear products.
  4. Choices. A wide specter of embroidery patterns, threads and colours enable to implement Your ideas in high-quality.
  5. Accuracy. Computerized embroidery tools may accurately reproduce even the most complex and tiniest design elements.
  6. Durability. Industrially embroidered products are more resistant to wear and washing.