Sewing of small collections

Technical and production related advices for startups of clothing business. Construction and sample sewing

Sewing small collections provides the opportunity to start a clothing/textile business with relatively low costs

This service is valuable for those brands and businesses have not yet established themselves in the market and do not have the need/possibility to store large quantities of products.

When is it useful to choose this VILTĖ LT service?

  1. Advices at the beginning. You will get professional advices about the production process, but also about the implementation of ideas, the choice of models and materials as well.
  2. Process of production. You will be involved working together with our team on the construction of patterns, sewing samples and corrections until Your vision is fully realized.
  3. Adaptation to requirements. Attention to the uniqueness of Your idea develops the creativity and technical skills of our team.
  4. Quality. The high quality of production must be assured in mass production, as well as in small collections. Therefore You can trust all garment for us completely.

Sewing small collections allows testing ideas into reality not only for the beginners. The already experienced brands can analyze the market at relatively low costs and to evaluate new ideas this way also.